What are Northamptonshire’s favourite eight dog breeds?

In a recent Facebook post, we asked our readers one of the toughest questions and asked them to name their favorite breed of dog.

Difficult question I know! Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend” and are a healthy part of many people’s lives – very loyal, playful and always happy to see you, what’s not to love about them? Cat people, don’t answer that.

In fact, Northamptonshire pet owners love dogs so much that a large part of the responses was that they didn’t care what the breed was as long as they were rescue dogs.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier turned out to be the most popular answer by far! They have been described as “loyal, fun, and beautiful dogs”. Pictured here is six month old Wilson. Photo: Zoe Furniss

The second most popular answer from readers is that they didn’t care what the breed of dog is as long as they are a rescue dog. Pictured here is eight year old Fudge who just wants a quiet life and an owner to love. She needs an adult-only home and is one of the many dogs that Animals In Need Northamptonshire is able to adopt. If you are interested in adoption, call them on 01933 278080 or send an email [email protected]

Photo: Animals in Need Northamptonshire

German shepherds took second place. They have been described by readers as “loyal”, “intelligent” and “just a beautiful breed”. Photo: Sian Jessica Whitcombe

The border collie was the third most common answer. Photo: Tara Danielle Hobbs

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