Wakefield Vet saves three puppies with new ‘keyhole’ heart surgery

A veterinary clinic in Wakefield saved the lives of three puppies this month after performing a hat trick of “keyhole” heart surgery.

Paragon Veterinary Referrals rescued puppies Amelia, Merlin and Poppy all within the same week after they were diagnosed with “heart murmurs”.

Chief Cardiologist Chris Linley said, “When you think of heart disease, there is always the thought that puppies take a long time to recover, but puppies are very resilient, we sometimes don’t give them enough credit, just how? they recover quickly. “

From left: Amelia, Poppy and Merlin were all rescued at the clinic. Credit: Paragon Vets

The three pups all arrived at the vet in the same week and could be sent back home within 24 hours of the operation.

“It corresponds to a leaky heart valve or a narrowing of the flow being pushed out of the heart, we have animals that we see that are older, but we see this group of puppies that are younger who will also have noises,” said Chris.

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