Video of Adorable Puppies Choosing Their Own Names Is Melting Hearts Online

A video showing how a litter of puppies found their names has gone viral on TikTok – and it’s one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen.

The footage posted by a woman with the account name @Shellysyk shows six tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in a doorway.

Text overlaying the footage that can be viewed here explains that she “lets the pups choose their own collars and names them after that”. [collar] you decide.”

We see that @Shellysyk, whose TikTok bio says she’s “All About the k9s,” put six different colored dog collars with names on them. Then each puppy goes out one by one and nudges a collar.

A light pink collar is chosen by a puppy now known as a Flower.

The second puppy picks yellow and is called Cheese. The black collar is ninja, then green is olive and light pink is melon.

The last puppy has a pale pink collar and is named Piggy. At the end of the video, Piggy the puppy winks at the camera.

@Shellysyk subtitled the adorable scene: “The Cavalier pups have some big decisions to make today!

The footage released on July 24th has been viewed more than 15.2 million times to date. It also has 3.7 million likes.

Tens of thousands of TikTok users have also left comments and shared their thoughts on the puppy’s new names.

The Rainbow Hair Wizard wrote, “It could have been Sunny, but you took CHEESE.”

Alison joked, “I’m sad that the last one couldn’t make a choice.”

Alejandra wrote: “The last one looked so sad because she had no choice.”

Tmwilson explained, “Imagine you don’t understand the rules, accidentally come across the yellow one, and then get called cheese for the rest of your life.”

Justine wrote: “Olive is very judgmental at such a young age.”

Lady Prickles enthused, “Not dramatically, but I would die for Melon.”

Ashley commented, “When Piglet winked at all of us at the end,” alongside a cute emoji.

While not all TikTokers were fans of the pups name, @Shellysyk stated in the comments, “All of you, these names are temporary, they will be changed when they go to their eternal home.”

Newsweek has contacted @Shellysyk for additional comments.

Stock image of puppy on the grass. Video of six Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies choosing their names has gone viral.
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