Vernon, B.C. animal control teams up with wildfire evacuee, temporarily housing 14 puppies – Okanagan

Fourteen puppies are a lot of cute, work, fun, and a little bit of trouble. If you are evacuated from your home due to forest fires, you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

This is what happened to Alex Afonso, who temporarily lives with a friend in Vernon.

“In the morning, when everyone is hungry, it is loud first. They’re cheering and all 14, so imagine, ”Afonso said.

After he had been evacuated from his home three weeks ago with a large litter of puppies, Afonso’s friend offered him, the puppies and their dog mother Roxanne a place to stay. However, the neighbors were not too happy with the extension to the street.

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Several complaints were filed with Animal Control in Vernon, and on August 23, they stepped in to help.

“I think we had quite a few house calls and our original plan was to go there and give tickets when we spoke to Alex and found out he was an evacue and found out his situation,” said animal welfare officer Ashley Sissons.

“‘We said,’ OK, well, we can get creative with this’ so we took them all to the shelter and brought all 14 pups here for free.”

This meant that Sissons, who is a dog lover, could spend some time with the pack, while Afonso, after months of 24/7 care of the dogs, was able to give himself much-needed rest and catch up on his vet studies.

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“It made me easier and I was able to work more on my schooling and catch up on pretty much everything,” said Afonso.

“I could go to Vancouver and attend a funeral, it just helped me a lot with my everything” [and] my welfare. “

Afonso and the puppies are now reunited for a short time, half of the litter will move to their new home within two weeks and the other half still needs a good family and can be adopted.

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For questions about any of the eight puppies available for adoption, you can reach Afonso at 250-421-2785.

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