Triangle rescue groups team up to help special needs puppies rescued from NC hoarding situation

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – Rescue groups in the Triangle band together to help a pair of puppies find a home.

Rescuers said they saved them from a hoarding situation in June, then discovered that the pups were struggling with a medical problem. Now that they have figured out how to deal with their disorder, they are looking for perfect families.

Dogs that end up in rescue operations often don’t have the easiest start in life.

“Most of them have a story, and most of them are no good,” said Angela Hall, who promotes at Triangle Beagle Rescue.

That story began in Lexington, North Carolina.

“Mama Halley and her five pups came out of an aftercare situation,” said Hall, who looked after the family.

Hall noted that two of the pups, Mars and Venus, were having difficulty keeping the food down and losing weight. A veterinarian found that they had a condition called megaesophagus and could not swallow food properly.

Nicole Kincaid knows about megaesophagus.

“The muscles in the esophagus cannot pull food up the esophagus,” she explained.

Kincaid founded Perfectly Imperfect Pups, a Raleigh rescue service that helps dogs with medical needs. She has groomed six dogs with the condition, including Stone, a Great Dane mix with megaesophagus.

Kincaid has helped Triangle Beagle Rescue ensure Venus and Mars receive the best possible care. That means they have to eat while sitting upright. Now the pups can eat while held in carriers. As they get bigger, they can use a special type of chair like Stone does.

“They play like normal dogs, they get in trouble like normal dogs, they’re normal except for the way they eat,” Kincaid said.

Now that the rescuers know exactly what the pups need, they are looking for families to adopt the dogs.

Families need to be willing to put a little extra effort into eating. The dogs need a special food consistency and may have to eat three times a day. You also need to sit up straight and stay upright for about half an hour after you eat. Dogs with megaesophagus also usually need medication.

“These are fantastic dogs – they are very loving,” said Kincaid. “It’s just a little bit off of your day.”

Mars and Venus are coping well with their new way of eating.

“You did well right away,” said Hall. “It’s amazing how resilient animals are.”

Mars and Venus are available for adoption at Stone, the Great Dane mix, is available at

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