These are the 10 most popular adorable dog breeds in Bedfordshire

With endless lockdowns over the past year, many of us have welcomed new four-legged family members into our homes.

The chance to get some fresh air with a spoiled pooch during the pandemic led to an increase in dog ownership by almost eight percent to around 250,000, according to the Kennel Club.

But which cute canines convinced you?

Here we introduce the top 10 most popular breeds in Bedford – according to the Kennel Club, which runs the Petlog microchip database.

The only question is, has your pet been crowned top dog?

The new top dog is the Labrador Retriever, whose popularity has increased by 13 percent after being banned. Labradors were originally imported into the UK from Canada

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After the title of Most Popular Dog in 2019, the French Bulldog falls back to second place after a slight drop in registrations

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The third most popular dog in the UK is the Cocker Spaniel – which can actually be one of two different breeds, the American Cocker Spaniel or the English Cocker Spaniel

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Among the top four is the miniature smooth-haired dachshund, which has seen registrations grow by 24 percent in just one year. there are now five times as many cute sausage dogs as there were a decade ago

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