The Puppies in the Hush —Gbenro Olajuyigbe


“The real meaning of crime is to be a breach of faith against the community of humanity” – Joseph Conrad

Silence means silence, especially after a long period of noise. Quiet! Loud silence has settled over large numbers of neurotic hero-worshipers who populated Nigeria’s market of mediocrity – a land where mud is used to make their god in their own image. Puppies are sons or daughters of dogs; or even better, dog children.

A hushpuppy is a quiet son of a dog. He lived among us and his own loved and adored him for his criminal benevolence. He was a friend of the great and powerful, criminals and crime fighters, lawmakers and law breakers.

He understood the power of money, especially its seductive magnetic ability to attract even the elect. Its engine is what money cannot do, that doesn’t exist! He had magical money! His fortune was based on the sweat and tears of other peoples. From Nigeria to Dubai, from America to China, Hushuppy changed at every stage of development.

He continued to grow in injustice until he became a dog in America. He appeared to have read O / Level Economics by OA Lawal, which I read myself in high school about four decades ago.

In the book, one of the curious properties of money that the learned economist emphasized was that “money commands”! With money, Hushpuppy became a police commander who gave instructions to the tragic hero of mediocre worshipers, Deputy Superintendent Abba Kyari, who ordered who to arrest or not to arrest, who to arrest or not. With money, Hushpuppy became the de facto Inspector General of Kyari.

There was an honor to sell and there was money to buy; like Esau in the Bible and for a pot full of portage, Abbas became Abbas boss, with the responsibility of serving the criminal urges of his new master, but not without a financial reward, according to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Greed led Abba Kyari, an overrated officer, a man who was supposed to wage war against criminals, to his opponent’s land while the war was awaited. He pitched his tent with the enemy and was trapped in a hall of shame.

He became a pitiful pup at the core of his enemy who took the command and control of Hushpuppy to pursue, injure, and throw Vincent, Hushpuppy’s accomplice, into a public detention cell for private gain. He became a lucky cop, an adopted puppy from Hushpuppy for a prize.

He used his weapon against the law when it came down to it and turned his ammunition over to a friendly enemy.

Abba Kyari was a beneficiary of Nigeria’s mediocre hero-worshiping culture, a so-called super policeman in a land of one-eyed men among the blind, where effective and efficient duty has become the exception rather than the rule.

Welcome to a country whose people celebrate governors as heroes for using the resources of the states for road construction – a country whose impoverished people raise the president to a galactic martyr for the construction of railroads while he was still alive, a country in which the People revere their half-baked imperial rulers without any doubts about transparency and accountability. We encourage people beyond their capacities, score them above their performance and celebrate them above their added value.

The Yoruba says ‘oruko nla lo np’omo aja’ (a big name that kills puppies). In the end, we ended up calling a man who normally does his official duty a super policeman, simply because we are alien to a climate in which the police are dutiful and dutiful. The name ‘super cop’ entered Kyari’s head, swelling, and leaving him with migraine headaches from conspiratorial crime that could sink him.

Now he seems to be evolving from a super policeman to a super crook! The problem with Nigerian hero-worshipers is that they “stand by their tragic heroes,” even when asked to help cleanse them internally before they dance naked to their shame in the market.

DSP George Iyamu was called a super cop in the 80s and was celebrated by the public as a strange crime buster until his hypocrisy was discovered. He died in the firing squad as a facilitator and leading actor in the armed robbery gang of the notorious Lawrence Anini after he was sentenced to death by a court.

Tarfa Balogun, a former inspector general of politics, ended up in jail for the crime of transplantation after we hailed him as a super policeman.

Make no mistake; we don’t just have puppies in Police Hush. We have in Media Hush, Legislative Hush, Executive Hush, Judiciary Hush and many more silent cauldrons and circles of national tormentors and troublemakers!

In our eyes, the central bank has become a microfinance bank, up and down anchor borrowing at the expense of macroeconomic policy and management.

We watched until it became “Esusu” in the hands of Emefile and Buharinomists. We forget that if the central bank falls, naira will die under the rubble. The genius who promised us $ 1 for 1 naira has magically given us 1 to 522 naira. What a silence!

Abba Kyari is just a metaphor for our deeper problems. It is proof that we sleep in service and become accomplices of our own victimization and ethical degeneration. His published defense on his grip confirmed an increase in mediocrity.

This defense led to a conspiracy. It provided evidence. It was rubbish, and for a celebrated officer, thought and logic were lacking!

In any case, his fate is no longer in our jurisdiction, a US court has issued an arrest warrant against him. Still, his case is a tragedy for the police, who urgently need a rebranding. We didn’t care when he was charged with manipulation and extortion before the Endars Tribunal. Now the chickens have come home to sleep. Aso ob ‘Omoye mo. Omoye ti rinwowo woja.

Well, proper police training should introspect why the United Arab Emirates police needed to arrest Hushpuppy even though he had access to his officers in Nigeria? In the context of fighting crime in Nigeria, Abba Kyari towered over his colleagues in reported actions.

He’s a premature member of the police elite who, on his way to fame, played with a badly filthy pup in the filthy mess of messy mud!

Gbenro Olajuyigbe is the Executive Director of the Emergency & Risk Alert Initiative.

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