The photos of Susana Giménez’s arrival in Buenos Aires: who will she give one of her puppies to

A few weeks ago it was said that I had already arranged everything for Susana gimenez to return to Buenos Aires. Although her return was planned for the end of September, the diva Er arrived in Buenos Aires this afternoon with a very special companion: one of Rita’s puppies, which he wants to give to someone close to him.

Giménez arrived at Jorge Newbery International Airport after 5 p.m. and went to his home, where he is expected to be in 10 days of isolation. As you can see in the photos that you called on TN Show, the driver chose a very elegant “totally black” look, which consists of a long coat and high boots.

Although it is not known who will receive the puppy, one of the options is Chinese Darin. This possibility dates back to the beginning of August when Susana shared a video in the midst of the pups from her farm “La Mary” in Punta del Este, where he settled down in mid-2020 and went through his entire recovery from the coronavirus.

“Enjoy a divine sunny afternoon with the new residents of the house,” he wrote in the post that accompanied the hashtag Tierreich (animal kingdom) and dog lovers (dog lovers), among other things.

In the recording she was heard telling that she was with her “new family”: “They are all five, they are already forty-five days old, so any minute they start dating. I’ll stay with only two, because you can’t have that much dog. “

Susana Giménez showed how Rita’s puppy is doing and played in a blooper (Photo: Instagram gimenezsuok)

Then one of the dogs ran out of the blanket in which he was with his brothers. “Come on, fat man. That’s one of mine, but he’s so fat. “Yes, come on, come on,” he said when a clerk handed it to him, but to his surprise it wasn’t what he thought. “Ah, no, the fat one is the other one!” He laughed and pointed out.

The video did not go unnoticed among his more than five million followers who praised the beauty of the animals. “Beautiful,” commented Marley and Lorna Gemetto added, “How lucky to see you so good and so divine with your new dogs that you love.” But among the emojis of the hearts of, among others, Marcelo Iripino and Patricio Giménez, a curious message appeared. The Chinese Darin He started: “Susana please! What the crap is that? Which one is mine? “.

The hostess’s return to Argentina would not be linked to her future on television. Although there is no official information, the return of his program might not come until 2022.

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