The 5 Dog Breeds That Make The Best Companions

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Research by PDSA and YouGov found that 26% of UK adults own a dog, making an estimated UK population of 9.6 million dogs. That’s a lot of dog lovers and their four-legged friends.

To celebrate International Dog Day 2021, Perfect-Pet Books took a look at the most popular dog breeds in the UK and those who make the best companions. These are the dogs that thrive in a human pack. Whatever activity you do, a service dog is less interested in herding and guarding and more interested in sitting with you. They are exceptionally loving, eager and very companionable, which makes them the perfect companion breed.

A service dog will stay by your side whether you work around the house, watch TV, or go for a walk. Some are ideal companions for seniors, while others work best in a household with few children. Whatever your situation, there is a companion breed for you.

You can find many of the most popular companion dog breeds in the toy group. Terriers, sport dogs, and hunting dogs can also be good friends. You can find assistance dogs of different energy levels and of all shapes and sizes.


Chihuahua in your pocket

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Energy: Low
A coat: Short or long
Colour: Wide range of colors including silver gray, black, white and fawn
Weight: Up to 6 pounds
Height: Between 5 and 8 inches

Chihuahuas are happiest when curled up on their human’s lap. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy hanging out with them. This breed adapts equally well to life in a house or apartment and is surprisingly good watchdog who is quick to sound the alarm when someone new comes on their lawn. Chihuahuas can be suspicious of strangers. So be sure to socialize them from an early age to develop friendly behavior.

French bulldog

brunette woman and french bulldog

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Energy: Low
A coat: Smooth
Colour: A range of colors, either striped or solid color
Weight: Between 19 and 28 pounds
Height: Between 11 and 13 inches

The French Bulldog is an ideal companion thanks to its easy-going and friendly nature. Ideal for those of us who live in apartments as they don’t need a lot of space to roam or a large garden. French people are generally known for being relaxed and calm. The balanced personality of this petite bulldog makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a loving companion dog.

Shih Tzus

Girl and Shih Tzu

Geri Lavrov / Getty Images

Energy: middle
Size: toy
A coat: Long double coat
Colour: Large selection
Weight: Between 9 and 16 pounds
Height: Between 8 and 11 inches

Shih Tzus, a historical favorite of the Chinese emperors, is believed to originate from Tibet. Potential intruders were thwarted when these little dogs sounded the alarm, and they made very successful lap warmers too. Human companions are an absolute must for Shih Tzus today. Adaptable to life in an apartment or house, they are sturdy but dainty with a round face and short nose. And they are so cute!

Golden retriever

Golden retriever

Capuski / Getty Images

Activities: Therapy and service dog work
A coat: middle
Colour: Ranges from brown to light golden
Weight: Between 55 and 65 pounds in women; 65 to 75 pounds in men
Height: Between 21.5 and 22.5 inches in women; 23 to 24 inches in males

Golden Retrievers just do not let you be strangers – their loving and sweet temperament does not allow it. Anyone who wants a philanthropic, extremely kind, and carefree dog will love this service dog. Golden Retrievers are very attentive to human needs and are known for their sunny disposition.


Papillon dog in the lavender field

Anita Kot / Getty Images

Size: Small
A coat: Long and straight with suspension
Colour: White with badges in lemon, brown, sable or black
Weight: Between 6 and 10 pounds
Height: Between 8 and 11 inches

Always looking for fun, the Papillon has a lively expression and alert ears. This breed is great for kids, and their playful nature makes them a great family dog. They are loved by children and have been a favorite of European royalty throughout history. The Papillon is petite and is considered a toy spaniel. Mental stimulation and exercise are a daily must as this breed is quite bright and energetic. For just one bite of green bean they love to do some somersaults, shake your hand and play dead.

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