The 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds That Should Be Easy To Train

Lockdown saw millions of British households welcoming a new dog into the family, with plenty of time to teach them a trick or two.

But did you know that some races are naturally smarter than others?

From German Shepherds who work as police dogs to Golden Retrievers who guide the blind, some are gifted with wits and beauty.

Many first time owners look for breeds that should be easier to train to avoid the behavioral challenges of many owners.

If you want a dog that you can make the next TikTok viral star, then these are the 10 smartest breeds to check out.

1. Border collie

The Border Collie (RAKeartonGettyImages)

No wonder the border collie is high on this list.

Described by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a “remarkably bright workaholic,” the energetic herding dog can learn dozens of words, tricks, and tasks.

The club added, “The intelligence, athleticism and trainability of Borders have a perfect outlet for agility training. Having a job to do, like agility or herding, is the key to being happy at Border. “

One Border, called Chaser, became the smartest dog in the world because it can remember more than 1,000 proper names – including 30 different balls by name and category.

The clever dog died in 2019 at the age of 15.

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2. Poodle

A poodle is being prepared for display on the first day of the Crufts Dog Show A poodle is being prepared for display on the first day of the Crufts Dog Show

These beautiful dogs may be known for their immaculately manicured fur, but they’re just as brainy as they are beauty.

“Wickedly smart”, the AKC also describes them as “eager and athletic” and easy to train.

The AKC said, “They are agile and graceful and intelligent, and enjoy and excel in a variety of canine sports including agility, obedience and pursuit.

“They are excellent water seekers and also take dock diving and retriever hunting tests.”

3. German Shepherd Dog

A German Shepherd Dog A German Shepherd Dog

Often used by the military and police, German Shepherds can be trained to sniff out explosives, detect drugs, and find hidden evidence in the strangest places.

They are considered to be “the best all-purpose worker in the dog world” and can understand a new command after hearing it five times.

The AKC said, “The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent companion and an exceptional worker. Consistency and positive, reward-based training lead to great results. He is very close to his people, so he is happiest when he lives with his family. “

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4. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever Golden retriever

Goldens are excellent guide dogs for the blind and are known for their search and rescue work.

These “sociable and trustworthy” dogs make great family pets, and the AKC suggests they are relatively easy to train.

The club added, “They are serious workers in the hunt and field, enjoy obedience and other competitive events, and have a lovable love of life when they are not at work.

“They take on life joyfully and playfully and keep this puppy behavior into adulthood.”

A golden retriever named Kira became a hero in 2019 when she helped her owner break ice and rescue two dogs that were stranded separately in a frozen lake.

She rounded up each animal and led it safely to the bank.

The rescue video went viral, reaching over 100 million views in just under a week.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are protection dogs by nature Dobermans are protection dogs by nature

Often bought as protection dogs, Dobermans are the breed of choice for English soccer player Ben Chilwell and Scott Thomas of Love Island.

The AKC said, “The Doberman Pinscher is lean and powerful, has both great physique and intelligence, and is one of the nobles of the dog breed.

“This incomparably fearless and vigilant breed is proudly one of the best protection dogs in the world.”

Regular TikTok users will know and love Ruby the Doberman @rubydooby_do, who does tons of unusual tricks like “Let’s take a selfie”.

The club added, “Dobermans are very intelligent, easy to learn, quick to react and are loving and fun companions.”

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6. Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog Shetland sheepdog

The lovable Sheltie is an extremely intelligent breed and can take up commands quickly.

The American Kennel Club said, “The bright and eager Shelties are easy trainers and world-class competitors in obedience, agility and herd testing.

“They are sensitive and affectionate family dogs who match the mood in the household very well.”

7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador puppies Labrador puppies

A fabulous family dog, the Labrador Retriever has been loved by figures such as American President Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak.

The AKC said, “Labs are devoted, intelligent, and enthusiastic companions who need to be involved in family activities.”

Like Goldens, they are often used as guide dogs and as search dogs by the police and the military.

8. Papillon

The papillon The papillon

This breed gets its name from the French for butterfly because of its wing-like ears.

They certainly help them fly through agility courses and often take first place in agility exams.

The AKC said, “They are excellent agility dogs and are consistent winners at the highest levels in the sport; less ambitious owners can teach them all kinds of tricks. “

The small dog is around 20 to 11 inches tall and can live up to 17 years old.

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9. Rottweiler

rottweiler rottweiler

Tough, strong, and confident, these tall, stocky dogs are eager to please their humans.

“The breed is intelligent, very trainable and wants to please, even if some may be stubborn,” said the American Kennel Club.

“It is very important that the discipline is consistent, fair and firm without being rude.”

The Guardian Terrace has not been told about their size so still consider yourself a lap dog.

10. Australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dog lies down Australian Cattle Dog lies down

“The ACD is a highly intelligent, energetic breed that is only really happy on the job,” said the AKC.

Owners of this unusual breed should take their dog for obedience, herd, or agility training to keep their brains occupied.

The club added, “Remember, an intelligent, energetic dog who is not busy will get bored, and a bored, energetic dog can be destructive.”

The Cattle Dog is said to “routinely outsmart their owners” and can get up to mischief if not entertained.

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