Thames Valley Police looking for people to look after police puppies

The Thames Valley Police is looking for people with the responsibility to develop and train the next generation of police dogs.

The volunteer work comes with the title Puppy Socialiser.

The role would require the puppy to live with you from eight weeks of age to around a year old.

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In addition to transporting the dog to training sessions in Sulhamstead, West Berkshire, you’ll need to introduce the pup to as many new environments and experiences as possible.

The puppies are described as “eager, enthusiastic and highly motivated”.

Police advise people not to expect the dogs to lie down and sleep all day and say the puppies need “regular exercise and stimulation”.

There is only one catch – you must have a YES answer to all of these questions before you are considered for the position:

  • Are you physically able to lead and control a dog on a leash?
  • Do you have access to a vehicle to safely transport the dog?
  • Do you have a suitable place for a dog crate in your living area?
  • Can you provide a secure garden area?
  • Do you live within 15 miles of Sulhamstead?
  • Can you make the dog available for regular training sessions in Sulhamstead?
  • Can you ensure that the puppy is not left alone for more than 4 hours (except in extreme cases)

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are one step closer.

Be quick with your application, however, as the position will be removed once the Thames Valley Police have enough candidates.

Further information on the job posting can be found here.

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