Texas Home Theater Channel Stars Unite to Form TOLA Manufacturer Sales Rep Firm

Chris Mata

Houston, Texas – September 7th 2021 – Chris Mata and Chrisanne Rhodes have got off to a great start. The two have launched Endgame Mktg, a brand new Texas-based independent manufacturer-distribution company starting this week to serve home tech professionals in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas with a strong portfolio of premium home theater and entertainment systems -Channel solutions to use by. a unique go-to-market strategy is supported.

Mata is a passionate home theater enthusiast who has been a sales and installation specialist with several leading retailers in the Houston market over the years. He is also known around the world as That Home Theater Dude by YouTube, with over 62,000 followers and currently 263 video reviews of home theater theaters and products.

In addition to using his product sales and design knowledge, Mata will use his marketing skills to help merchants grow their business through videos he and Endgame Marketing will develop. “We will lead the creation of videos showcasing our dealers’ showrooms, theaters and installations. This will drive more clicks to their websites and more traffic to their brick and mortar stores, ”said Mata.

Chrisanne Rhodes

Rhodes is known nationwide from her previous role as US Operations Service / Support Manager for the French immersive audio hardware brand StormAudio. Tech-savvy, as Director of Sales for Endgame Marketing, Rhodes focuses on face-to-face meetings with dealers – be it face-to-face visits or video calls – and provides level 1 technical support, a service she believes “is still provided by an independent vendor sales representative “Companies must be provided.”

In addition, unlike other representative companies, Endgame Mktg’s website includes a knowledge-based portal with a ticket system that aims to quickly help dealers’ technical needs. In addition, Endgame Mktg will provide calibration services to its dealers using Rhodes ‘extensive experience setting up and calibrating immersive audio hardware systems in dealerships’ showrooms in the United States. The company also plans to offer network and team training courses and more, Rhodes said, and intends to stay in regular contact with dealers in the area.

Endgame Mktg represents Architettura Sonora, Ascendo Immersive Audio, Atlantic Technology, Gray Sound, HTE, Nakymatone, Next Level Acoustics, Procella Audio, Sim2, Trinnov, VIVID Audio, Waterfall Audio, LODE Audio, MayFly Audio Systems and Rogers High Fidelity.

Endgame Mktg can be reached by email at [email protected] and by phone at 832.464.4663. The company’s website is: www.endgame-mktg.com

For media inquiries about Endgame Mktg, please contact: Paul Muto, Muto Communications, [email protected] / 516.662.5374.

About Endgame Mktg
Endgame Mktg is a Texas-based marketing group that connects companies that make exceptional audiovisual equipment with the people who need it. We know AV inside and out. Whether you’re buying, selling, designing, or installing AV equipment, we can help you look and sound great.

Find us on social media at https://www.facebook.com/ENDGAMEMktg/ & ENDGAME Mktg (@EndgameMktg) / Twitter

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