Surprise at Oswestry greyhound rescue centre as puppies are born

There was a surprise for those working at a greyhound rescue center in Oswestry last week after one newcomer unexpectedly turned into 11 newcomers.

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue took in a six-year-old pedigree greyhound Gemma who was pregnant after the first health checks.

Under the care of volunteers at the center, Gemma has safely given birth to a huge litter of 10 puppies.

Hayley Bradley, the founder of Hector’s, said the vet originally expected at least six pups to be born, but the volunteers were surprised when it was found that there were up to 10.

She said, “We didn’t know she was pregnant when she walked in – we didn’t find out until we sent her to our vets for a health check-up and be neutered.

“But during the controls he felt around thinking she might be pregnant. The vet scanned them and saw six large pups.

“They called me and told us there were at least six pups and that turned out to be true because there were 10.”

Hayley confirmed that Gemma will be fine after giving birth and that the pups will be looked after.

It is the second time that Hector’s takes in a bitch who was unknown to them at the time and was pregnant.

Four years ago, the charity welcomed a Lurcher who gave birth to pups that were crossed with a Czechoslovakian wolfhound.

The good news of the puppies’ arrival means more work for the volunteers at the center – but each of them will soon be put up for adoption in search of loving homes for the ages.

Hayley said, “It only throws us back because we picked up a dog and ended up at 11.

“We probably won’t take requests until they are around eight weeks old and have received their first vaccines.

“Then they will be put up for adoption. Hopefully they will find a home with loving families forever. ”

Gemma’s pups showcase the highs of rescue work, but Hayley explained how volunteers have to deal with lows too.

“We’re seeing ups and downs in the rescue,” she said.

“We admitted a dog two and a half months ago and upon admission our vet diagnosed her with memory tumors.

“They were removed and sent for analysis, and the results showed it was an aggressive cancer.

“She died last week – so you really see the end and the beginning of life here, it’s very emotional.”

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