State Of Colorado Investigating Another ‘Puppy Slinger’ From Texas Allegedly Selling Sick Puppies – CBS Denver

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colorado (CBS4) – The Colorado Department of Agriculture is investigating a second Texas woman who allegedly sold ill puppies in the greater Denver area. It is the second investigation in four months after CBS4 Investigates first unmasked another woman in their circle in April who allegedly sold puppies without a license.

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In this new case, public records show the woman was also cited for cruelty to animals after giving away a dying puppy to a Greenwood Village woman on Saturday, Aug. 7.

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Nathalie Munoz says she saw an ad on social media from the woman named Tori McBrayer who gave away two puppies. Sensing that something was wrong with the ad, Munoz decided to act on it in hopes of getting the pups a safe home.

“We met at a hotel in Greenwood Village,” recalls Munoz. “(McBrayer) came out of the lobby with a really big box … when she gave me the box, she passed it to me and she just ran away.”

In the box, Munoz said one of the dogs looked in bad shape.

“I screamed and said, ‘I’m pretty sure this dog is dead,'” Munoz said.

She took the dogs to the vet, where she recommended that one of the dogs be euthanized.

“They told us that she was going to die, she was dying slowly and very painfully, and we had to make the decision to let this happen or to have her euthanized,” Munoz said. “It was very traumatizing … the vet also told us about the deceased dog that if it wasn’t a Parvo, she would not have received any food, she would not have received any water, she was not dewormed and she would not have received any vaccinations.”

Munoz said the other dog received treatment from the vet and later took her to a local rescue.

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The next day she set up a sting on the police and, according to police reports, they caught McBrayer trying to sell another puppy without a license.

In a video of the confrontation, McBrayer said to the police: “I cannot control whether the dog has cancer, I cannot control whether the dog has Parvo.”

Greenwood Village police cited McBrayer for animal cruelty – an offense that can result in up to a year in prison or a fine of up to $ 1,000.

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In April, CBS4 Investigates introduced you to another Texas woman, Linda Casey, who allegedly also sold sick unlicensed puppies.

Pictures on the Internet show Casey and McBrayer together, and the address in McBrayer’s quote is found in a public search as a location for a “puppy rescue” directed by Linda Casey.

Tori McBrayer and Linda Casey (Credit: Facebook)

McBrayer declined to be interviewed, but told CBS4 Investigates over the phone that she is “just a teenager wanting to start a dog rescue”.

McBrayer also said that of the 10 dogs she had to sell, only one got sick and that all dogs were properly vaccinated.

“The health of these dogs is my top priority, I would never give up sick puppies,” said McBrayer. “This won’t be the first time a dog has got parvo, some dogs just don’t respond well to the vaccination.”

McBrayer said she applied for a license and plans to continue selling dogs, adding, “This won’t stop me, this is my dream job.”

Aron Jones of MAMCO Rescue in Englewood says she has received dozens of reports this year of various Texas people illegally selling puppies in Colorado.

“A lot of people have come up on Texas rescue workers coming to Colorado who don’t have an adoption license,” Jones said. “I think one of the problems is with the people in Colorado, we love our dogs, we take care of our dogs, and I think the people in Texas found that out and want to come here and make quick money with puppies that aren’t Good.”

Jones has some advice when seeing this activity near you.

“The first thing people should do when they see someone selling animals illegally is to call animal control in the city where the animals are being sold,” Jones said. “The next thing you have to do is call PACFA, which runs through the Department of Agriculture, and file a complaint, get as much information as possible … and give that to law enforcement.”

Meanwhile, McBrayer will face indictment in a Greenwood Village court in November.

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