Staffies top list of dog breeds most at risk of being stolen in London

London Staffordshire Bull Terriers are more at risk of stealing than any other breed, according to new research.

A total of 367 staffies have been reported stolen in London over the past five years, with dogs being most at risk in Croyden, Lewisham, Barnet, Bromley and Hackney.

The figures, which come from a police inquiry about freedom of information, indicate that there have been 1,409 dog thefts across London since 2016.

A Metropolitan Police statement said: “Dog theft is on the rise as the demand for certain breeds increases.

“Criminals target the dogs because they know they can resell them for money.”

Outside London hotspots included Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield.

The top 10 dog breeds that are at risk of being stolen:

1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

2. Chihuahua

3. French bulldog

4. Jack Russell Terrier

5. Pug

6. Bulldog

7. German Shepherd Dog

8. Yorkshire Terrier

9. Cocker Spaniel

10. American bulldog

Are you team dogs?

The online comparison site, uk, which offers pet insurance guides, has provided a list of tips to protect against dog theft.

Tips from to protect against dog theft:

Microchip – If you haven’t already, it is important that you microchip your dog, not least because it is now a legal requirement. This will ensure that your dog can be easily identified and brought back to you if he is lost.

Be Vigilant – While it’s always nice when friendly strangers come over to chat with you and greet your dog in the park, stay vigilant towards people you don’t know. Always be mindful of your surroundings and keep an eye on your dog. Don’t let them off the leash unless you are sure they will return to you!

Keep Your Garden Safe – Try to keep an eye on your dog in the garden, especially in the front yard if he is easy to get to from the street. Make sure all gates are locked and consider putting a bell so you can hear someone opening it.

Be Careful on Social Media – As much as you want to share pictures of your dog online, it is important to be careful. Do not reveal any information, e.g. B. Where you live and walk your dog, or take a look at your privacy settings.

Get Pet Insurance – In addition to protecting your dog from expensive veterinary treatment, dog insurance will cover the cost of your pet if your pet is stolen or lost (sometimes called “missing pet cover”). The best policies also cover all advertising costs if your pet is lost.

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