SCRAPS investigating dog training business, criminal charges ‘forthcoming’ | News

Spokane County’s Regional Animal Welfare Service (SCRAPS) is investigating a Spokane Valley dog ​​training and boarding company, Accurate K9.

“I knew I needed evidence because no one is going to believe this type of situation how serious it was,” said Maddalynn Taylor, an eyewitness.

Taylor said she knows the family who own the business and who helped feed the dogs that Accurate K9 cares for.

“There are at least 20 pets there from the people who think these dogs are housed and trained and you know they are being properly cared for, but at the end of the day there is feces in their kennel,” said Taylor.

After seeing the dogs firsthand, Taylor said she witnessed dog abuse and sent her evidence directly to SCRAPS.

“I submitted the photos, he agreed it was animal cruelty and I signed the statement and he told me he would get an arrest warrant and get all the dogs out of there.” They went and made the warrant and none of the dogs were removed, “she said.

Taylor added that she had text messages between her and a SCRAPS officer confirming that at least one dog in the care of Accurate K9 has died. In an email, SCRAPS announced that they are actively investigating and criminal charges are being brought.

Accurate K9 Training LLC owner Brittney Katterfeld said on the phone that SCRAPS came out saying that everything looked fine and that all of her animals were being treated well. But Maddalynn Taylor said it wasn’t true.

“I feel like this is my last resort. If shreds don’t work then there really is nothing I can do but get it on the media and hope people help me and get it out and help these dogs,” said Taylor.

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