Reflection Riding Celebrates New, Endangered Red Wolf Puppies

Reflection Riding American Red Wolf Puppies

Two American Red Wolf pups made their first introduction to Reflection Riding. Today fewer than 250 of these wolves live.

The two puppies Romulus and Remus were born in April and their veterinarian Dr. Keller says they are doing exceptionally well. Dr. Keller continues, “They are very healthy and thriving. We have a lot of videos, a lot of evidence that they are moving. They develop in a similar way to puppies. So that’s about six and a half – seven week old puppies. “

Reflection Riding has been part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan since 1996 to house and breed the wolves while they are critically endangered. “We have been very committed over the years. This is our fifth litter here … In an ideal world, we would breed captive and then take these pups and repopulate the wild populations, the wild recreational areas. We’re starting this process very slowly, ”said Tish Gailmard, Director of Wildlife Conservation at Reflection Riding.

American red wolves were one of the first species listed in the Endangered Species Act in 1973 and remain on the list to this day. According to Wildlife Conservationist Gailmard, there are fewer than 20 American Red Wolves alone in the wild. One of the reasons for the endangerment is hunting.

Gailmard continues, “They look similar to coyotes, so there is a mix-up. They suffer from firearm mortality because of this. It is also a loss of habitat. “

Gailmard says Reflection Riding educates people about the value of this animal and how important it is to the balance of ecology. She says, “Red wolves will help keep the deer population in check. If you have too many deer in the landscape, then you have overgrowth, then you have erosion, then there are no trees for birds to live and you have no food for birds.

Reflection Riding will open its animal enclosure later this summer for the public to see the newest wolves.

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