Puppies team effort to win against dad doggo in tug of war will make your day

India, first published Aug 28, 2021 at 10:42 am IST

Social media is full of lots of dog videos captivating their charming antics. One such video of a papa dog playing tug of war with puppies has gone viral. The cute video of dogs is sure to make you smile.

Reddit posted this video with the caption, “Teamwork to defeat Dad, let do this!” (sic). The video shows a papa dog pulling the rope on one side and four puppies pulling it on the other. All dogs are seen indulging in the tug of war to win against each other.

After the video was shared online, it garnered over 7.2k views and multiple comments. Netizens loved the video and gave their opinion in the comment section. One user wrote: “I am a father and if I had 4 children I could put them in a tug of war together every day. But of course we have to lose on purpose ..”. Another person commented, “Standard group project. One does all the work and everyone gets the praise.” Watch the video.

Last Updated Aug 28, 2021 10:42 AM IST

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