Puppies flown from Hazard to Atlantic City as part of a rescue operation

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – Thanks to Amelia Air, a rescue service that transports animals from rural areas to more populated areas to avoid overcrowding in shelters and increase animal adoption chances, 13 puppies had to make a long journey.

The Kentucky River Animal Shelter in Hazard uses programs like Amelia Air to prevent animals from being euthanized. Since 2011, the shelter has reduced the euthanasia rate by more than 95 percent. Kentucky River Animal Shelter President Tammy Noble says she is grateful for rescue groups like Amelia Air:

“If we didn’t have our rescue partners, the only other option for the shelter would be to euthanize these animals for lack of space,” said Noble.

Amelia Air is run entirely by volunteers. The pilots devote their time and money to making sure these animals get where they need to be. This flight was Jordan McCarthy’s first flight for Amelia Air. He says he was attracted to the rescue team because of his love for animals:

“I like puppies more than most people,” said McCarthy. “I found out about this before I became a pilot. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do … everyone with a pilot’s license has to participate and help. “

If you don’t have a pilot’s license but still want to help, Noble says the Kentucky River Animal Shelter needs volunteers for the months to come. For more information on how to become a volunteer, send a message to the shelter’s Facebook page or call (606) 439-4064.

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