Puppies fill the halls at Glenwood Elementary | Local News

ENID, Oklahoma – On Friday morning, the pups chuckles and yelps filled the halls of Glenwood Elementary School.

Four-year-old students from Valerie Saye and Nancy Layne’s class met a dozen six-week-old Golden Retrievers.

Glenwood Elementary School pre-kindergarten students were visited by some pups on Friday, August 27, 2021.

The students sat on the floor and the puppies were released to be cuddled by the students. Many students noted how happy the dogs made them feel. One student compared the fluffy puppies to cotton candy. The preschoolers smiled and shared stories about their dogs at home while the puppies sat quietly and allowed the children to love them.

Bridgett Robertson, owner of Robertson Retrievers in Enid, contacted the school to see if she could bring the pups to make the students’ day easier. Robertson said they treat the puppies with one-on-one care every day.

“It’s very rewarding for both adults and children. We just wanted to sweeten someone’s day, ”said Robertson.

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