Puppies and Kittens on Switch Could Help Fill the Nintendogs Void on the Console

Virtually every gamer, casual or hardcore, new or experienced, young or old, likely likes puppies and kittens. By far the most common types of pets, dogs and cats, are in some form part of most people’s daily lives. Nintendo was already aware of this in 2005 with the development of the real-time simulator Nintendogs and its successor Nintendogs + Cats in 2011. However, with over a decade since the last entry, players may be looking for a modern take on the franchise – enter Puppies and kittens.

Puppies & Kittens is developed by It Matters Games, with Microids’ sub-label Microids Life as publisher. Microids offers an eclectic mix of popular series like Syberia with remakes like Asterix & Obelix XXL. Microids was also behind the less popular XIII remake, for which they publicly apologized.

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Microids Life confirms today that Puppies and Kittens will hit the Switch later this year. The game will feature over 20 of the most popular breeds of cats and dogs around the world, with each animal having its own unique personality and preferences. Players who pay close attention to their pet’s needs will strengthen their bond with them, a key component of success. Similar to the Nintendogs inspiration, various mini-games and activities are offered, including walks to discover neighborhood treasures, visit a meadow and dog park, and purchase new items from the local shop. Pet owners can teach their animals tricks to train them.

Puppy & Kitten Game

Puppies and Kittens is actually just one of three new video game entries in the My Universe series from Microids Life and joins the series of games such as Pet Clinic – Cats & Dogs, Fashion Boutique and Cooking Star Restaurant. Also developed by It Matters Games, Interior Designers and Doctors & Nurses are planned for autumn / public holidays 2021. With completely open titles, Interior Designer accompanies the player in setting up an interior design agency, while Doctors & Nurses gives the players the opportunity to pursue a medical career. Players discover hospital life while taking care of patients in various mini-games.

Judging from the screenshots posted so far, Puppies and Kittens seems like something of a spiritual successor to Nintendogs, capturing its bright and light vibe along with some really adorable looking puppies and kittens. It’s strange why Nintendo has been dormant IP for over a decade, with the franchise often being referred to as one of the best titles on the DS and 3DS. Paris Hilton even asked Nintendo to release a Nintendogs mobile game a few years ago, testament to the continued popularity of the pet sim genre.

The screenshots from Puppies and Kittens make the game look promising, but time will tell if it can finally fill the void on the Switch. The game will also be available on PS4, but fans might be preoccupied with the updated Foxes from Ghost of Tsushima.

Puppies and kittens will be released on October 28 for Switch, PS4, PC and Mac.

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Source: Microids

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