Pool Paw-ty At Oglebay Makes For Some Happy Puppies

WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) All swimmers at today’s pool are good at doggy paddle.

Sunday was Oglebay’s 9th annual Drool at the Pool.

The event is sponsored by Dirty Paws and participants were given a tennis ball and towel to play by the pool.

Director of Operations Mike Potts says this event draws people from all over the world to enjoy full paws in the park all day.

“The dogs also like to swim. So it’s a way for people and their dogs to come at the end of the season and swim in the pool one last time before we let off for the season. “

Mike Potts, Director of Operations

All kinds of dogs jumped in and splashed around.

Some owners brought their furry friends to play with message friends and even have a first-time swim.

“He’s never gone swimming so he’s just learning to swim.”

Madison Corbin, Bailey’s owner

“We’re just here to have a good time and swim and see how she likes the pool.”

Scott Burech, Callie’s owner

Other owners, like Taylor Lucas, say their dog loves the water and this event makes him happy.

“We’ve taken him to dock diving competitions before and there aren’t many places he can swim. This is one of his favorite things to do. So we love the end of summer activities where we can actually take him for a swim. “

Taylor Lucas, Kash’s owner

After a day in the sun by the pool, these pups will definitely be dog tired.

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