Police appeal as four puppies missing from Gloucestershire spotted in Bristol

Police reportedly spotted four puppies in Bristol who had disappeared from a Gloucestershire home.

The eight week old Cockapoo puppies was missing from a house in Berkeley on August 28th.

The homeowners of the house on Vinecroft Road in Wanswell believe that burglars took the pups between 11:30 AM and 12:55 PM.

Gloucestershire Police are calling to find the missing dogs and Avon and Somerset Police have now announced that sightings have been reported in the Bristol area.

Investigators are conducting door-to-door investigations in the area and will ask anyone who has information or has witnessed suspicious activity to contact you.

Information can be submitted by filling it out an online form and cites Incident 273 of August 28.

The pups were described as:

  • a chocolate brown tri-colored boy with yellow eyebrows and badges on his legs

  • a chocolate girl with a small white spot on her chest

  • a chocolate girl with white hind paws and white on the chest

  • a black girl with ginger eyebrows, a ginger muzzle, ginger legs and white on the chest

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