Planning to welcome a new pet? Here are 5 famous dog breeds and their facts which you need to know

International Dog Day has been celebrated since 2004 to treasure dogs and encourage their adoption. Scroll down to learn more about dog breeds.

Updated: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 5:50 PM IST

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle desk: When mentioning the term “furry friends” it is almost impossible to think of dogs, especially if you are a canine person. So prepare yourself as International Dog Day is just around the corner. Yes, the special day will fall on August 26th when you treat your little buddy with treats and gifts.

Dog Day has been celebrated since 2004 to appreciate dogs and raise awareness about their adoption rather than trade and sale. If you are looking to welcome a dog into your family on this special occasion, there are a few facts you need to know about different breeds of dogs.

Yes, often pet parents are curious about the bloodline of the puppy they are bringing home to understand its hereditary traits and psychological behavior. The bloodline represents the ancestral contributions that are passed down through the breeding process.

A dog’s personality is greatly influenced by its family genetics. So here we are with some information on the temperament, behavior, traits, etc. of dogs of different breeds.


This breed was grafted in Germany. It originated when man was looking for a perfect hunting partner. They thought of breeding such a breed that would have a strong physique and be able to hunt the prey. This breed originated in the 19th century when Bullenbeisser was bred with an English bull dog. Bullenbeisser comes from the Mastiff family, who were hunters at the time. These breeds can hunt large prey such as deer, wild boar, etc. Your power and strength is impeccable. The boxers have a strong jaw grip to hold their prey. Her facial wrinkles prevent the excess blood from splashing into her eyes. It was a quick change from being a guard dog to being a compassionate household pet.

Great Danes

Great Danes are also known as gentle giants or the Apollo of the dogs. Great Danes have been around a long time and are a pure breed. Their characteristics indicate that, despite their huge stature, they are recognized as one of the cutest and most loving breeds. They love to play with kids and so make a perfect dog breed for kids. Danes are easily trained due to their honest and compassionate nature and are also known to be good human protectors.

German shepherds

Not only did they become popular; it was due to their hereditary traits and their nature. They are the most intelligent, devoted, and versatile animals. This breed provides a foundation for a guard dog, protector, and companion. According to the name itself, this breed was originally bred in Germany. The Germans are very proud of this breed and its worth. You’re a good rescue team. They are best known for their ability to work.


This breed originated a few decades ago and originated in China. They are also commonly known as Carlin and Pug. The pug is one of the most revered breeds around the world. There is no such difference in race from ancestral and modern times. The only difference is that pugs have their ears cut off these days. They were thought to be from the Mastiff family, but there is no genetic or hereditary connection between the two. This is the purest breed of all.


They are descendants of the hunting dogs in England long before the Roman legions in 55 BC. BC invaded. These small and compact dogs were ancestors of the modern day beagles. Their ancestors did not have an official name. They were used for hunting despite being slow runners. In addition to being game animals, they are also loyal, compassionate, and cheerful, which makes them good pets for families.

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Written by: Sanyukta Baijal

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