Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association to hold 10th annual dog show

Approximately 100 dogs from across the country will be strutting their stuff at the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association’s 10th Annual United Kennel Club-Licensed All-Breed Dog Show on the Beltrami County Fairgrounds from Friday, September 10 through Sunday, September 12 .

During the three-day event, man’s best friend will compete for the Best in Show, Rally Obedience and Total Dog awards. The event opens with two exterior shows at 9 a.m. and a rally obedience competition at 10 a.m.

“Exterior is an event that meets breed standards for dogs, where they are judged on their appearance, gait, and the like,” said Ethan Larson, a member of the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association. “The UKC has eight breed groups into which dogs are divided and each group will be represented at the show.”

According to the UKC website, the UKC Total Dog philosophy places an emphasis on dogs that excel in multiple disciplines. To receive a Total Dog Award at a UKC show, a dog must qualify for a performance event and an eligible conformation event on the same day or weekend.

This dog show will be Larson’s fifth handler and he will show his 10 year old Chihuahua Hero. He said the free event will give viewers the opportunity to speak to specific breed experts on a variety of topics, ranging from training, grooming, and the right breed for their lifestyle.

He added that this year there will also be new breeds on the show that have not been shown before.

During the event, food and drink will be provided by a variety of local and foreign vendors and the Boy Scout Troop 82. An artist from Twin Cities will also perform to create works of art for interested viewers or exhibitors.

Larson said exhibitors, judges and handlers come from all over the country – not just the Midwest – which he thinks will make for a great reunion after the show was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. He said there is a sense of excitement among dog handlers about being back in action with their furry pals.

“It’s very special because it’s been two years since we had our last show,” said Larson. “Many dealers are looking forward to it. We can interact with other dealers again and meet old friends and find new ones. “

All spectators are welcome, but the organizers ask that you leave your pets at home as the club’s rules state that dogs that are not introduced cannot be on the show. In addition to the event, coursing fun runs will also be offered on Saturday.

To exhibit your dog at the UKC Dog Show or for more information, contact Kathy Lamping at (218) 760-3763 or the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association through their website at

“It’s just fun to see all the different breeds of dogs and one of the things our attendees love is the fun and friendly atmosphere,” said Larson. “It’s a huge undertaking, but we appreciate the support we’ve received from everyone involved.”

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