Owner of missing cockapoo puppies ‘heartbroken’ at apparent attempt to sell them from car boot

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The owner of puppies missing from a Gloucestershire home says she feels sick at the thought of what might happen to her dogs.

Four eight week old Cockapoo pups was missing from a house in Berkeley on August 28thleaving only one puppy of the litter with its mother.

Janet Maiden has four generations of this Cockapoo line and says they are “like family”.

She said, “It’s just so worrying to think about what people are doing to you – how they are taking care of you because this one now sleeps in my bed at night.”

She told ITV News West Country that the ordeal made her very safety conscious.

“I don’t want to leave the house now because I’m afraid they will come back and take the others with them. I was very worried.”

Just hours after the puppies were admitted, there were reports that the dogs were being sold from a trunk in Little Stoke, north Bristol, for £ 1,000 each.

Photos taken by a passerby of the dogs were shared with the family and the police.

These photos were taken of puppies sold from a trunk in Little Stoke, north Bristol Credit: family handout

Janet says the sight of these photos broke her heart.

“The picture of them is so heartbreaking you can see the horror on their face and they are filthy.”

The family friend Judith Le Riche says they feel so helpless.

“You just feel like you want to do something, but there is nothing you can do. I can just kind of comfort Janet and be there for her, but it’s just so final.

Avon and Somerset police have now announced that sightings have been reported in the Bristol area. Photo credit: ITV West Country

A reward is offered for the safe return of the dogs to “reimburse” anyone who bought the puppies.

Gloucestershire Police are conducting door-to-door investigations of the area and are encouraging anyone who has information or has witnessed suspicious activity to contact us.

Information can be submitted by filling it out an online form and cites Incident 273 of August 28.

The pups were described as:

  • a chocolate brown tri-colored boy with yellow eyebrows and badges on his legs

  • a chocolate girl with a small white spot on her chest

  • a chocolate girl with white hind paws and white on the chest

  • a black girl with ginger eyebrows, a ginger muzzle, ginger legs and white on the chest

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