Owner of first dog training centre in Idukki earns upto Rs 40,000 per month

Saji M Krishnan together with a dog

Mariyapuram: The first dog training institute in Idukki district was opened under the name “Secure Dog” by Saji M Krishnan, a specialized dog trainer. Saji initiated this project with the help of the State Kudumbashree Mission and the National Rural Livelihood Mission.

Saji’s training center is home to a wide range of dog breeds, from the Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Husky, Pug, Labrador, Dash, and Pomeranian.

Within six months of its establishment, more than 50 dogs have completed the ‘Secure Dog’ training and 20 dogs are in training. “About 40,000 rupees a month are made in this business,” Saji said.

The dogs are trained in obedience, personal safety, and house and garden guarding. Almost 15 to 30 days of training are required to keep the dog friendly with its owner, while it can take up to three months to guard the house.

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