No Snark in These Puppies: Bob Lanzetti and Zach Brock in Rochester

Zach Brock Bob Lanzetti

Two members of Snarky Puppy, violinist Zach Brock and guitarist Bob Lanzetti, completed a short series of shows as a duo at the Lovin ‘Cup in Rochester on Sunday evening June 13th.

Lovin ‘Cup always has a flawless sound, and when the seats and tables are not occupied it provides a lovely intimate setting. Both were welcome for the rich and beautiful music Brock and Lanzetti put on tonight. Since this is a free show, an unmotivated crowd might be expected. However, everyone in the room was completely immersed, respectful and there for no other reason than to squeeze out a little more of this sweet live music that had been missing in the world for so long.

Unlike her regular appearance with Snarky Puppy, this music was less prey tremors and more ear tickling, fewer dance parties, more dinner parties. Each a master of his instrument, together they could weave enough complex tones to create sound swellings and also reduce them to simple taps and plucks. Brock put the bow down to create rhythmic “bass” lines so Lanzetti could play a whirlwind solo, and Lanzetti would also settle into a groove so Brock could take the violin to varied highs.

Their dynamics were not only left to their style of play, but also what. The evening program included chamber music, jazz, world, Americana, blues and even some fine tributes. Many artists cover the great Gillian Welch, but only a few do this as an instrumental. They took their “Elvis Presley Blues” on a ride early in the first set, which turned out to be a highlight. Brock’s violin conjured up the whole emotion of Welch’s voice, so that the text still penetrated. Later, on a tune dedicated to Steve Lacy, Brock conjured various notes from his instrument and revived Lacy’s early adoption of the soprano saxophone as a means of improvisation.

Both musicians were open and friendly from the stage, telling stories and conveying musical knowledge that encouraged the joy of the attentive audience and created a connection between the two.

We have been missing the Sunday shows for over 15 months. These are the ones they say should never be missed, right? There’s just no better way to end or start a week. Zach Brock and Bob Lanzetti go well with it, snappy or not.

Photos by Izzy

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