NDLEA: Germany to set up dog training facility for detection of narcotics

The federal government wants to set up a “world-class training facility for drug detection dogs” for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), according to Buba Marwa, Chairman of the NDLEA.

This was announced by the NDLEA chairman during a visit by Jan Ritterhoff, liaison officer at the German embassy in Nigeria.

Marwa said drug trafficking is an intricate and dynamic crime that requires the agency to stay one step ahead of drug gangs.

He demanded that the federal government consider sending more dogs to the organization so that it can cover larger areas of operation.

“Gene. Marwa said there were over 26 major arrests and seizures of narcotics including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ephedrine and cannabis totaling over 17,932 tons with the help of the narcotics search dogs.

In his reaction, Ritterhoff praised Marwa for the agency’s reform and thanked the NDLEA President for the quick approval of the proposal.

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