Most Popular Dog Breeds In Toronto Are A Surprising Mix

All dogs may be lovable in their own way, but Torontoites clearly prefer certain breeds more than others. According to Narcity of the city of Toronto, several breeds stand out from the crowd in terms of popularity.

The data is based on the number of licensed cats and dogs living in the city, identified by breed and the first three digits of the owner’s zip code. Of the over 60,000 pets accepted forever in Toronto in 2020, more than 40,000 were dogs.

Labrador Retrievers are by far the most popular puppy in Toronto, according to the city’s latest 2020 data. There were 1,213 more registered than the second most popular breed, the Golden Retriever. Shih Tzus ranked third as the most popular small breed of dog in Toronto.

Despite the fact that French Bulldogs are one of the most common dogs according to SO-SURE, only 500 of them were accepted as pets last year, and only 203 English Bulldogs made the list.

The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Toronto in 2020 are:

  1. Labrador Retriever – 4,353
  2. Golden Retriever – 3,140
  3. Shih tzu – 2,418
  4. German Shepherd Dog – 2,064
  5. Cocker Spaniel – 1,467
  6. Mini poodle – 1,422
  7. Chihuahua with a smooth coat – 1,350
  8. Yorkshire Terrier – 1,237
  9. Maltese – 1,197
  10. Poodle – 1,105

These are the most popular breeds of cats in Toronto right now

The city also maintains a list of the most popular cat breeds, and according to the 2020 data set, one of them is particularly popular.

The city registered 12,911 short-haired cats year-round, followed by 1,841 medium-haired cats and 1,272 long-haired cats.

For more unique breeds, 272 Siamese cats and 151 Ragdolls were housed in Toronto. There were also 30 Sphynx and 90 Bengal cats on the list.

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