Minocqua Relents: Dog Obedience Classes Can Return to Gymnasium

MINOCQUA – Dog owners are not being left in the lurch now as Minocqua City Council approves dog obedience classes to resume at the Minocqua Center gym this winter.

On Tuesday, Patt Wegmann of the Lakeland Dog Training Center pleaded with supervisors to allow her to use the facility after she was told she would no longer be available. She holds fall, winter and spring courses in the gym. Each session lasts eight weeks and she used the gym once a week. The summer course is on their family farm.

Wegmann said that around 15,000 dogs and their owners have enrolled in obedience classes since her nonprofit group was founded in 1976. They charge $ 75 per dog, which is the number of sessions it takes to complete an individual course.

“I don’t earn any money with that,” said Wegmann. “We just do it because it’s our way of giving back to the community.”

To explain, Public Works Director Mark Pertile says that the city crew is not always available the next morning to clean the gym of dog hair and sanitize the floor when dogs urinate, even though they are immediately wiped off. That’s a problem if the library staff want a children’s program in the gym the next day, he explains.

“I think this is a good thing for the community,” said supervisor John Thompson, who found he had dogs through the program.

As a condition for a new user agreement, the board says that a professional cleaning service will clean up afterwards. An estimate of $ 50 for each cleaning will be given to the Wegmann group.

On other measures, the Board gave a first reading of a proposed amended ordinance that would allow ATV / UTV owners living along Thoroughfare Road to travel to the Woodruff town part of Thoroughfare. Permitted use would not appear on the local ATV / UTV club’s route map.

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