Kanga U makes its grand appearance in Duncan, serving as only dog training service in area | Community

Brooke Christensen helped every dog ​​achieve “good boy” or “good girl” status, and on July 6, started Kanga U, a dog training service available in Duncan.

A good canine citizen and AKC Star Puppy Certified Dog Trainer, Christensen began her career moving to Duncan. Their services include home care, basic training, outpatient care and much more.

The store is inspired by Christensen’s dog Kanga, whom she rescued in Florida. Christensen understands the struggles of communication problems between humans and dogs and tries to help build stronger communication.

“Learning their language was an aha experience for me,” says Christensen. “When I moved from Florida to Oklahoma, (I) tried to find something that I knew would still be in my passion for caring for animals and then be of benefit to the community as well, and than me researched more, there is a lot of dog training in this area and I felt that there was a need here. “

To better understand dogs, Christensen prioritizes conscious association with dogs in the Stephens County Humane Society.

“I don’t go out as often as I would like, but I enjoy going into humane society and helping with some of their children to evaluate (and see) what kind of home it will be ideal for them,” said Christensen. “I don’t do it as often as I want, but that’s very important to me.”

Christensen’s goal through the training is to provide every dog ​​with a permanent home that can improve behavior and promote a bond between “human and his best friend”.

“Working with rescue workers – that’s really my passion,” said Christensen. “That’s what I’d really like to do to make sure the accommodations stay at a lower capacity.”

You can find more information about Kanga U at www.facebook.com/KangaUDogTraining.

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