Is dog training acceptable in the Green Belt at Penketh?

Is Dog Training an Acceptable Use of the Green Belt?

That is the question that the Warrington Borough Council Development Management Committee members must decide at their next meeting.
Farmer James Ditchfield is seeking planning permission to change the use of part of one of his fields in Station Road, Penketh, from farming to dog training and training.

The plan is to build a small field shelter.
The planners recommend allowing the change of use, but a number of residents protest or have concerns.
They are concerned about the noise from barking dogs, loss of agricultural land, increased traffic and the possibility of future development for the land. They also fear that the suggested opening times – 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. – could be excessive.
Local residents also question the need for such a service.
However, those responsible for planning say that the planned use is compatible with the Green Belt and that the land could easily be returned to agriculture.
The use would represent a diversification of the operation and would not have any harmful effects on the surrounding streets or the residents

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