Inside The Doge Pound: NFT’s Founder On Dogecoin-Inspired Project, Puppies And What’s Next

The doge pound (@TheDogePoundNFT) is an increasingly popular NFT project on the ether (CRYPTO: ETH) Blockchain made up of 10,000 unique works of art depicting what she calls “Doges”.

The Doge Pound recently launched a new project called. released Doge pound puppy, a collection of over 10,000 works of art only available to The Doge Pound NFTs owners.

While appearing on Benzinga’s new NFT show “The Roadmap,” he became the founder of The Doge Pound John Lemon announced that while NFT floor prices are hard to ignore, there are other measures of project popularity, hey focused on.

The Doge Pound NFTs reserve price rose dramatically before Puppies launched due to the project’s exclusivity, however Lemon is paying more attention to measures like social media growth and the unique owners of the project.

Although Lemon anticipated a decline in unique holders during the Puppies NFT project’s launch, “individual holders on the project have increased every day since we started,” he said.

Doge Pound Puppies: The project description on OpenSea says, “From the creators of The Doge Pound come Doge Pound Puppies. They are cute, adorable and ready for the moon too! Gather an adult and a puppy and down the street, maybe you just unlock something special ! “

Lemons favorite features of the new NFT project include pups with cats on their heads, slime function, and diamond tail.

The artwork in the Puppies project could actually be better than the artwork in the original Doge Pound, Lemon said.

“It may have a better, broader range that is just cute and cozy and everyone can really love them.”

What’s next: The next project The Doge Pound plans to release is its 3D collection of short, spinning, three-dimensional doges. The clips contain original music content from Steve Aoki and Trey Songzsaid Lemon.

The Doge Pound is working on ways to better translate the artist couple’s music to further add value to the NFTs.

Lemon noted that there is a chance that owners of The Doge Pound could get access to an Aoki concert in the future.

The 3D collection is expected to be released in about two to three months, The Doge Pound founder told Benzinga.

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The full interview on “The Roadmap” can be found here:

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