Hyderabad Animal Activists Rescue Five Puppies From Manhole

A video that will restore your belief in humanity and humanity goes viral on the internet. The clip shows how a desperate bitch cries incessantly after her little puppies have fallen into a pit. The mother’s plight was heartbreaking and made the locals very concerned for her. At that point, a bunch of animal rights activists arrived and helped rescue the little pooches. The incident occurred in Hyderabad and the rescuers were part of the Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS). Thanks to these animal rescuers, the lives of the little puppies were saved.

The video begins with the locals trying to find a way to help the dog save their children. Realizing that the task was not that easy, they decided to get professional help before it was too late. It was at this time that the AWCS team arrived. The group apparently concluded that it was impossible to pull the babies out through the small opening. So they rented a concrete breaker and eventually dug a hole in the street to save the lives of little furry friends. After this was done, all of the puppies were successfully brought out one by one. It was evident from their face that they were extremely scared and hungry. However, reuniting with their mother gave them some respite.

The rescue group shared on social media that after coming out of the drain, after a really long time, they drank their mother’s milk. The group also thanked the locals and the students and staff at Narayanamma Engineering Colleges for their constant help and dedication in this rescue operation. The rescuers also advocated adoption and urged animal lovers to adopt the family so that the dogs can live happier lives too.

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