Homes needed for adorable Guide Dog puppies

Guide Dogs is urgently looking for rugby volunteers to house a guide dog puppy for the first year of his life.

Guide dogs appealed for ten houses back in March, but not enough people have come forward.

Across the UK, there are more than two million people with vision loss and guide dogs can help these people live independently.

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The Guide Dogs Association was founded in 1931 and has since helped 36,000 blind or nearsighted people.

As a volunteer guide dog “puppy breeder”, your role is to help with early socialization and training of the puppies, teaching them basic commands, and helping them adjust to the outside world.

The pups will move into their foster families at around seven weeks of age and will stay there until they are between 12 and 16 months old before moving away for training.

Guide dogs cover all expenses for all households that volunteer, including food, equipment, and veterinary bills.

Volunteer puppy raisers must be over the age of 18, have suitable housing, and be prepared for the dedication and affection required in caring for a puppy.

Claire Purr, a guide dog puppy development consultant that covers rugby, said, “Although we launched our rugby puppy raise recruitment campaign in March, we still haven’t found enough new homes for our puppies.

“This is a great opportunity for the folks in rugby to raise a guide dog puppy and prepare a puppy for their future role supporting someone with vision loss. It’s long-term volunteering as each puppy lives with you for at least a year.

“We provide all of the training and support you need to make you feel well equipped to look after your pup as he grows and develops.

“We need to find a new home for our guide dog puppies in rugby to ensure we can keep our life changing ministries going. If you’ve come out of rugby and think you could give a guide dog puppy a loving, temporary home, please get in touch. “

To find out more, please contact Mike Hefferan, the Volunteer Coordinator for Guide Dogs for Rugby at [email protected], call 0800 781 1444, or visit

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