Four puppies killed during building demolition, developer booked

Mumbai: Pant Nagar police have booked a contractor after four puppies allegedly died in a building demolished last week. Police have also filed charges of destruction of evidence after the contractor allegedly removed some of the rubble. The police have not yet made an arrest in the case.

A local resident Yogesh Chande, 54, who feeds stray animals from his area, found four pups missing in the area last week. When he checked with a security guard at a nearby building, he was told that the pups were staying in Building 48 due to rain and claimed that the pups may have been buried in the rubble as it had been demolished the day before. Chande then informed the animal welfare officer Bimlesh Navani.

“I first went to the site personally to look for the pups and later took the guard and Chande to the police station to file a complaint. In the meantime, we instructed the builder’s men not to remove the rubble. On Monday when we entered the building we were shocked to find that some of the rubble had been removed. Upon my complaint, the police then registered an offense under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (mischief by killing, poisoning, mutilating or rendering an animal unusable). and 201 (leading to the disappearance of evidence), “said Navani.

“We have registered a crime and an investigation is ongoing,” said Suhas Kamble, chief inspector at Pant Nagar Police Station.

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