Focal Aria K2 Speaker Series Goes Full Range and Home Theater

I admit I’m late for the focal party. I’ve heard some of their most expensive speakers powered by amplifiers that cost more than what I’m spending on college this year (I kind of feel poor) and not blown away. After this experience, I was a little hesitant (but still curious) about it Rating of the Chora 806; Color doesn’t surprise me that these floorstanding speakers turned out to be one of my favorite products of 2020. Focal has a real advantage over other brands as it has the resources to design and manufacture almost everything in-house, and it clearly shows off in its entirety a very extensive range of products. The newly expanded Focal Aria K2 speaker series must be on your radar; these are really well made speakers.

Focal and Naim also have theirs in 2021 Focal length Powered by Naim Boutiques across North America, Europe and Asia. We got exclusive access to the Focal Powered by Naim Houston location in June and the concept impressed us more than a little; These two brands understand that they need to take a completely different and focused lifestyle approach to audio retailing.

Focal, the leading French audio brand, is expanding the Aria K2 family with a new shelf model and a center loudspeaker that, alongside the Aria K2 936 floorstanding speaker launched last year. The new Aria K2 906 and Aria K2 Center Channel Speakers make their debut at CEDIA 2021 this week.

Aria K2 906

Focal Aria K2 906 bookshelf speaker in ash gray

Focal Aria K2 Center

Focal Aria K2 center speaker in ash grayFocal Aria K2 center speaker in ash gray

Aria K2 is a special edition of the original high-performance Aria 900 series, first launched by Focal in 2013. The Aria K2 906 and Aria K2 Center, together with the Aria K2 936, offer an exceptional listening experience made possible by a range of Focal innovations. including a next generation K2 cone.

Manufactured in the Focal workshops in France, this aramid fiber cone is a further development of the iconic Polykevlar cone found on classic JMLab loudspeakers from the 1980s. The original is designed to improve the balance between weight, stiffness and cushioning, with the aim of ensuring high quality audio performance in every genre of music.

The brand new Focal K2 cone uses new technologies and techniques to improve your music and movie listening even further. It now consists of a very light foam layer that lies between a layer of aramid fibers and a layer of glass fiber and ensures a clear and precise sound without any discoloration. A perfect complement to the K2 cones are aluminum / magnesium TNF tweeters with Poron suspension for a softer sound.

Focal length K2 936

Focal Aria K2 936 loudspeaker in ash grayFocal Aria K2 936 loudspeaker in ash gray

In addition to the Aria K2 936, the new Aria K2 906 and Aria K2 Center have an ultra-rigid housing construction with non-parallel elements – all in the service of reduced vibrations and excellent neutrality.

All speakers are available in an exclusive ash gray finish from Focal. This premium finish – also seen on the flagship products of the company Utopia – combined with a front panel in leather look for additional elegance.

Tonal pairing

Aria K2 products work together in perfect aesthetic and tonal harmony. Aria K2 936 or 906 can be installed alone or combined with Aria K2 Center in a home theater system. Focal also recommends connecting this area to the Sub 1000 F subwoofer to add deep and powerful bass amplification to your home theater installation.

Focal Aria K2 home theater speaker systemFocal aria K2 – 5.1 home theater speaker system (total RRP: $ 11,160 as shown)

Price & availability

The new Focal Aria K2 speakers will be available later this month (September 2021) at the following suggested retail prices:

For more information, see: Focal Aria K2 Speaker Series


K2 center K2 906 K2 936
Type Bass reflex 2-way center speaker Bass reflex 2-way bookshelf speaker 3-way bass reflex floorstanding loudspeaker
Speaker driver 2 x 6-1 / 2 ″ (16.5cm) K2 bass / midrange drivers 6-1 / 2 ″ (16.5cm) K2 bass / midrange driver 6-1 / 2 ″ (16.5cm) K2 midrange driver
3 x 6-1 / 2 ″ (16.5cm) K2 woofers
1 ″ (25 mm) Al / Mg TNF tweeter with inverted dome 1 ″ (25 mm) Al / Mg TNF tweeter with inverted dome 1 ″ (25 mm) Al / Mg TNF tweeter with inverted dome
Frequency response (± 3dB) 57Hz – 28kHz 55Hz – 28kHz 39Hz – 28kHz
Low frequency cutoff (-6dB) 50Hz 47Hz 32Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) 91dB 89.5 dB 92dB
Nominal impedance 8 ohms 8 ohms
Minimum impedance 4.3 ohms 4.6 ohms 2.8 euros
Recommended amplifier power 40 – 200W 30 – 120W 50 – 300W
Crossover frequency 2,800Hz 2,800Hz 260Hz / 3,100Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 21 × 95/8 × 77/8 ″ (533x245x200mm) 87 / 8x11x153 / 8 ″ (225x280x390mm) 451/4 × 119/16 × 145/8 ″ (1.150x294x371mm)
Weight (with grid) 23.15lbs (10.5kg) 18.7 pounds (8.5 kg) 64lbs (29kg)

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