Española animal shelter seeking foster homes for puppies and kittens

Mattie Allen of Española Humane said the shelter was already at full capacity.

“We got to the shelter this morning and our box was filled with 23 dogs and puppies and two cats and then when we opened the shelter, three more adult dogs came in, another adult cat and then two mother dogs with two more litters of puppies and a litter of nine pups, ”said Allen.

Now they are desperately looking for foster homes for the puppies and kittens – until they are old enough to be able to adopt them.

“Not only do the puppies need foster care, the adult dogs, when they go to foster care, open a kennel where we can take in another pet in need, and the adult dogs also get the much-needed socializing and decompression from the animal shelters. Said Allen.

Allen said if you are able and willing to care, you can contact the shelter and they will provide you with everything you need like food, toys and bedding.

“Fostering really saves lives, and no more than it does today. Today is a big day to save lives for us,” she said.

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