Dunkin’ offering donut-themed dog toys in exchange for donation to charity

(WTAJ) – Which dog doesn’t love a new toy? Pet owners can get one from Dunkin ‘and the proceeds go to a good cause.

Two new dog toys will be available starting July 26th at participating Dunkin ‘locations in the United States. To receive the toy, customers must make a $ 12 donation to the Dunkin ‘Joy in Childhood Foundation for the coffee cup toy or a $ 15 donation for a Dunkin’ Domutt toy that resembles a pink donut with sprinkles made by BARK Dog Toys.

The mission of the Dunkin ‘Joy in Childhood Foundation is to bring joy to children who are battling hunger or disease. Since 2006, it has provided over $ 30 million in funding.

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“There is an ongoing need to raise awareness and funding for children struggling with hunger or disease and we at Dunkin ‘are always looking for meaningful ways to support this problem,” said Karen Raskopf, co-chair of the board of directors of Dunkin ‘Joy in Childhood Foundation said. “Since dogs bring so much joy in our lives to all of us, this BARK partnership and the one-day Cup for Pup program celebrate our precious companions and at the same time offer our guests the opportunity to help us raise significant donations for children in need. “

And on August 4th, you can head to Dunkin ‘for some extra treat for your four-legged friend. Everyone who donates $ 1 to the Dunkin ‘Joy in Childhood Foundation will receive a mug filled with 4 oz of whipped cream.

Last year, Dunkin ‘worked with BARK to raise over $ 1.8 million for Dogs for Joy, which brings full-time service dogs to children’s hospitals.

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