Dogs Trust Leeds: The latest dogs and puppies looking for new families and forever homes

Luna is a lovely pup with plenty of brains, making her the perfect dog to train and teach tricks to! She’s still a baby at only six months old, so forms very close relationships with her handlers and doesn’t like to be left alone. If you’re patient with her, her confidence will grow and she’ll become more independent, meaning you will be able to leave her unattended for short periods of time. Luna is a little nervous around other dogs so will need to go on quieter walks, however as she is so young with the correct training she’ll warm up to them in no time!

There are 16 pups up for grabs at Dogs Trust Leeds, can you give one a home? Photos: Dogs Trust Leeds

Ebony was found with no ears and tail after her previous owner had cut them off. Despite having a hard life, this pup will bring rays of sunshine into your home with her bouncy attitude and playful nature. Confident with other dogs and a fan of a good walk, Ebony is the perfect companion for active folk who want a dog that can keep up with them. At nine years old, she does have a few medical problems that would need to be discussed, but she does not let these hold her back. Ebony is suitable for a family home with teenagers.What a pair! This adorable duo do everything together and are looking for a home that will take both of them on. Pepe is a gorgeous cocker spaniel with a laid back attitude that helps to mellow out her pal Sammy, who is always full of excitement- he may be a little bit vocal but he’s only telling you that he’s enjoying himself! These pups would prefer to live in a home with children on the older side, and ideally need to be the only pets in the house. They are both confident walkers but as Sammy can be a little loud it is best to choose quieter walking routes.

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Doughnut is a gorgeous Greyhound with a personality to match. Dogs Trust originally found him as a stray so not much is known about his background, but from just a few minutes in his company you can see he’s a playful pup who loves a good fuss. He’s a little wary of men at first, but after spending a bit of time with him he’ll be giving you a paw in no time. Doughnut doesn’t like being left alone for long so an owner who’s around most of the time would be ideal for him. He’s friendly with other dogs and can be paired with children over the age of 16.An ex-race dog, Eddie is a friendly pup who loves to go running and play with his squeaky toys. He’s vibrant dog and is full of energy, but loves to curl up next to you on the sofa to wind down after a busy day. Eddie is able to mingle with other dogs but likes his own space, preferring quieter walks where he can explore. Due to his high prey drive he is required to wear a muzzle out and about, but this does not phase him! Eddie is a little uncomfortable around children so an adult only home is best, and although he is used to having his owners around all the time he is able to adapt to them being away for short periods.Charlie is an Akita crossbreed who is ready to start looking for his new home. He is easy to introduce to people although he can be worried when visitors come into the house. Once he knows you he enjoys a fuss, and there is a lot of him to fuss over. He has been rehomed and returned to Dogs Trust a couple of times, so this time he is looking for experienced owners who are fans of large breed dogs, and have maybe owned one or two before. Charlie needs to wear a muzzle on walks whenever he could come into contact with small animals or other dogs. The vast majority of the time he walks like a dream on the lead, but when he wants to go somewhere fast he is incredibly strong and needs owners who can hold onto him and keep their footing at the same time. Charlie is looking for a home with owners who are around most of the time initially, and needs an adult only home with no other pets. Once he has settled in, he should be fine on is own for short periods. Charlie would hugely benefit from living somewhere quiet.Five-year-old Copper was found with a large open wound on his back end which was obviously very painful. He is now on the mend and on the look out for a new home. Copper is a shy dog initially and would need a quiet adult only home where he can get to know his new owners and they can get to know him. He will need an enclosed garden to play in and to house train him if needed. Copper is very foodie and so should train up easily. He can be worried around other dogs and will choose to avoid them if he can so will need to be the only pet in the home. Being a lurcher, Copper does have a prey drive and may chase small furies but this is typical of the breed. Once he has settled into his new home Copper should come out of his shell and start to flourish.Dottie is a gorgeous, vibrant boxer that is coming up to six years old. Dottie is dog social, but she is very worried about unfamiliar people and she needs to follow an introduction plan in order to get to know the new people in her life. Dottie has been rehomed and returned due to her behaviour around people she doesn’t know, so because of this, we’re looking for experienced dog owners who are looking for a bit of a project! Dottie has been working really hard with the training team and now she is ready to meet her new family and step out into the world. Dottie loves meeting dogs out and about, but she will need to be the only dog in the home. Dottie has got several health problems which she is on medication for, including hypothyroidism. New owners must be aware of ongoing vet bills and the Dog’s Trust centre vet will discuss her health issues with you. Dottie loves to play and absolutely adores cuddles and affection from her favourite people. She is looking for an adult only home.Edie is such a sweet girl who is great once she has a relationship with you, however she is very worried by unfamiliar people and takes time to build trust. Once there is a bond she is very interactive and affectionate. Unfortunately, she does not like being around other dogs so cannot share her home with any pets and must be walked in quiet areas where she won’t have any coming up to her. She loves to play with toys and is good with training. Due to her nervous character, she needs a calm and peaceful home with adults only and at least one female, who will be around all the time initially. There must be few visitors to Edie’s home generally (no visiting children at all) and none during her settling in period. She can’t live next door to another dog and the area needs to be generally low dog populated. She’ll need easy access to quiet walking routes as she isn’t keen on travelling too far.Jasper is a two-year-old Labrador Cross who is full of beans. He has lots of potential in experienced hands. Sadly his life has been very unsettled and he has been left feeling quite insecure. The Dogs Trust training team have worked really hard to help build his confidence and he’s now ready to continue his life in a forever home. He is still a bit of a work in progress so his owners must be willing to work with us and stick to his training plan, but in the right home he will do really well. He’s very smart and willing to learn and once he knows and trusts you he is playful and full of character! Although he can’t share his home with other pets he’s very sociable with other dogs and enjoys having walking buddies. Jasper will need patient owners who are happy to take on a bit of a training project! The Dogs Trust Training and Behaviour team will help and guide you along the way. He won’t be able to be left alone until he’s fully settled in his new home. He needs to be the only pet in an adult only home.Major is big handsome American bulldog who at 11-years-old needs to find a new family to call his own. He can be a little shy when you first meet him but comes round quickly if there are some tasty treats coming his way! He’s a very sweet lad who can get very playful when the mood takes him. He enjoys his walkies too but he is very strong on his lead so not for the faint of heart. He has a history of being housetrained but may need a little refresher as he settles in to his new life. One thing is for sure, with Major around you’ll never be lost for affection! He cannot live with very young children but over 14s will be fine, as long as they’re happy around larger dogs. He is fine around other dogs when out and about but doesn’t like to share his home so he’ll need to be the only pet. He will need someone around all the time, but that just means more fun and snuggles with him! Major has a few medical issues and new adopters will need to take these costs into account.Otis is a friendly lad and really enjoys being around both people and dogs. When he first arrived in kennels, his world fell apart and his anxiety manifested in humping people and grabbing at the lead when on walks. These behaviours became a very consistent coping strategy for Otis and made it difficult to do much with him, so he was taught some new strategies to help him cope with everyday life. Otis has done fantastically with his training, and he is more than ready to take the next step and find his forever home. He needs a home that he will be able to transition into easily without too much to get his head around. He is good with dogs, but it’ll be easier to settle him in as an only pet. Once settled however, there’s potential that another dog could be introduced in time. He is looking for an adult only home with few visitors. He is worried about heavy traffic, so can’t live directly on a main road, however he does travel really well which opens up walking opportunities.Seven-year-old Phoebe takes a good while to bond with new people so any potential adopters must be patient and willing to put in the time and effort. She really isn’t one for being overly handled or fussed, but once she has a strong relationship, she will tolerate it. She is sociable with other dogs and enjoys on-lead walks with her friends, but she does not enjoy sharing the limelight so must be the only pet in her home. To her, toys are absolutely everything and she will guard them. She needs quite a specific environment to call home. It must be adult only with no visiting children. Very few visitors in general and none during her settling in period, which may take some time. She must not have access to the front door and needs her own area for feeding and stashing her favourite toys. You must already have experience of the classic breed traits of Chihuahua and Jack Russell as this knowledge will really help you to understand her.Stanley is an intelligent, interactive, and frankly stunningly beautiful chap. He is a big lad with a solid build, and he can be strong on lead at times – especially if there is a critter or two to chase! Stanley has been with us for some time and he has previously been rehomed and returned due to his behaviour. Because of this, he is looking for an owner with dog experience, time on their hands, an interest in training and behaviour, and who has a Stanley-sized-space on their sofa! He is worried by new faces so introductions need to be gradual. His new owners would need to commit to doing multiple meets to get to know Stanley before he could go home.Lyle is a lovely lad who has a lot of potential in the right hands. He’s three years old and although he’s old enough to know better, he does still lack self-control! He’s absolutely full of beans and always on the go so will need a lot of patience from his owners as he learns the ropes of home life. He’ll need very dedicated people who have a good understanding of dog training and who are passionate about gradually bringing out Lyle’s potential. He is extremely strong on lead so you must be able to confidently handle him out and about. He is a very intelligent dog and very willing to learn. His love of food really helps when doing training tasks with him. If you are looking for a smart boy who enjoys lots of interaction and will be a bit of an ongoing project, then Lyle is your boy!Jake is a very handsome six year old Lurcher. He is one of life’s worriers though. He can be shy when he first meets you, but he’s easily won over if you’ve got a few treats in your pocket! Once he knows you he is the softest lad you could meet. He just loves cuddling up with you and is so affectionate. He likes his walks and he also loves lounging on a sofa, a good walk somewhere quiet will keep him happy. He’s manageable around other dogs but he doesn’t like them in his personal space however he is happy to wear a muzzle out and about. Jake doesn’t like being left on his own so he’ll need his owners around all the time initially. He’ll need to be the only pet in an adult only home where there will be no visiting children at all. He’ll also need a good sized secure garden. Most importantly though, he needs owners who will share their sofa with him and who enjoy LOTS of cuddles! Jake will need multiple visits to get to know him before he is ready to fly the nest.

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