Dog training classes offered in Pine River

Pine River-Backus Community Education offers the following Ricky Tic Dog Training courses with Sharon Nordrum on Mondays June 28th through August. 2.

The puppy course is for dogs aged 8 weeks to 1 year. In this course, puppies are introduced to all kinds of sights and sounds. Puppies learn to sit, sit down, stand, walk on a leash and how to greet strangers and new dogs correctly.

The class will discuss mental activities and introduce puppies to some agility equipment and “find it” games.

Level 1 Obedience is for dogs that have a basic understanding of heels, sitting, sitting down, and standing. Participants will work on perfecting the loose heel, sit / stay, down / stay, remember. You will practice recalling jumps and various other heel patterns such as figure eight and avoiding obstacles.

    Photo illustration, Shutterstock, Inc.

Photo illustration, Shutterstock, Inc.

Most of the lessons involve working through distractions.

This course is for dogs from 6 months. A sitting sign should be heeded by your dog when you walk around him, walk away from him, or when he sees a squirrel. Dogs only do what they are taught, and most training does not involve focus or duration.

This course builds on focus, duration and control when working with the keyword sitting. Dogs will work to sit on different surfaces, distances, locations, and with distractions. The course will also work on getting your dog to sit with a whistle.

Bring a long string (check the string) and whistle. Pipes can be purchased in first grade.

This course is for dogs from 6 months. This class will be the start of agility. The focus will be on moving out and instructing dogs to run the course by following the cues we give with our bodies. Dogs in this class should remember well as some in this class are off-leash and the area is not fenced.

For more information, contact Nordrum at 218-224-2622, [email protected] or on Facebook at Sharon Nordrum or Ricky Tics Dog Training.

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