Dog Breeds and Their Animated Counterparts Featured in ESPN’s Bark in the Park

Tonight is ESPN’s Dog Day, and in preparation for Bark in the Park on ESPN2, the ESPN app has just completed a livestream showing some furry friends from the American Kennel Club who will be competing.

ESPN Bark in the Park is a new event for ESPN Dog Day, where more than 90 dogs compete in canine action sports like agility, flyball, diving dogs and a new Weave Pole Challenge. ESPN SportsCenter host Phil Murphy will host the two-hour program with expert analysis by AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo together with Dr. Terrence Ferguson and Dr. Vernard Hodges from Nat Geo Wilds Critter Fixers. The event originates from Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford, Ct., Home of the Hartford Yard Goats minor league baseball team.

Each of the dogs featured has a breed that is in some way related to our favorite animated canine friends. In the competition tonight are represented:


Dobermans, like Roscoe and Desoto in Oliver and Company

Poodles, like Georgette in Oliver and Company, and staying in the same movie, Great Danes like Einstein in the movie and in the picture at the top of the page.

Lady and the Tramp is channeled with Cocker Spaniels, as is Max from The Little Mermaid.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is featured, and you can recognize the breed from the original film and the original Disney + series of the same name, Turner and Hooch.

And of course there are a few Dalmatians, just not 101.

These and other breeds can be seen in ESPN’s Bark in the Park currently on ESPN2.

Oliver and Company, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Turner and Hooch, and The Little Mermaid are all available to stream Disney +.

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