Cov forces change in cop dog training regimen | Kolkata News

Kolkata: When the second wave of Covid hit the city and the Kolkata police lost five employees in that time, even the dog group was forced to make changes to their daily routine. This is the team’s golden anniversary year, but the Kolkata Police have suspended outdoor training for the 40 or so police sniffer dogs because they fear the limited number of handlers could become infected with Covid if they come into contact with too many citizens come.
“The dogs need to be taken out and trained across town to make them aware of the real working conditions. They also need to exercise on the streets to strengthen their feet. Those in the explosives and drug detection units must receive ground training in real conditions. Usually part of this training is carried out at Maidan and Rabindra Sarobar. But from now on we have stopped this activity. The training takes place within the confines of the Police Training School. However, the dogs perform their usual duties. We have special ice packs for the dogs during outdoor operations, ”a police source said.
A senior official who oversaw the exercise said the goal was also to use the swimming pool. “We look at multipurpose exercises because we cannot take them out of PTS. Not only is swimming relaxing, it combats high humidity and is good exercise. Some of the dogs, like Labradors, love to swim and so enjoy the new exercise, ”he said.
The Covid situation has also resulted in the need for their coaches to be vigilant if they do not contract the disease. “We had initially planned further adjustments when far-reaching Covid cases of PTS were reported last year. But now that the situation is under control we need to take some action so that we can keep the squad fit, ”said an officer at Lalbazar.
The city police dog detachment assigned to the detective department has a variety of breeds including Labrador, Doberman, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever. Each dog specializes in one of five categories of police – narcotics tracking, explosives tracking, crime tracking, search and rescue, and guard and assault.

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