Camp beagle: Protests continue outside Huntingdon beagle farm after puppies ‘removed’ this week – recap

Hundreds of activists gathered outside a beagle breeding farm in Cambridgeshire today for the largest rally since the pups were reportedly “removed” this week.

Camp Beagle, stationed outside MBR Acres near RAF Wyton, Huntingdon, called on supporters to attend the all-day rally that began at 8 a.m. this morning (Aug. 15).

It comes after a large police presence removed protesters from the entrance on Tuesday, August 10, before escorting two vans off the premises that were believed to contain puppies.

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Protesters said this is the first time beagles have been removed from the facility since they started camping 40 days ago.

People from across the country took part in the protest today, along with another rally at MBR Acres’ “sister site” near Hull, which eyewitnesses said around 200 have attended so far.

They demand the release of the dogs and an end to the use of beagles in laboratory tests.

Cambridgeshire Police were on hand to escort staff into the facility.

We’ll bring you the latest updates on the protest throughout the day, from pictures and videos to police updates.

Follow our live blog below for all the news.

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