Best Dog Breeds You Can Adopt Today

No one can ever melt hearts like man’s best friend, and International Canine Day is celebrated every year on August 26th to celebrate this relationship between man and dog. Dogs do a lot for us humans, from safety when working with emergency services to helping the blind, deaf or disabled. On this special day, take some time to recognize the love and value dogs offer our lives and help abandoned and abused dogs.

When someone buys an exotic dog from a breeder or pet store, the dogs in animal shelters and on the street lose the chance of finding loving homes. Many Indian races are as smart, sociable, and devoted as their foreign counterparts.

Unfortunately, the passion for Western dog breeds endangers many of these great Desi breeds, even though they are vastly better adapted to the Indian environment. So without further ado, here are some Indian dog breeds that make fantastic friends and are ideal alternatives for any dog ​​lover.


Indian Spitz, the most popular Indian dog breed in the 1980s and 1990s, are great family dogs that are well suited for suburban living today because of their compact to medium size. They are really sociable, lovable, energetic, and intelligent. In addition, their casual demeanor is ideal for first-time pet owners.


Himachali hounds, also known as gaddi kutta or mastiffs, are huge and fluffy because of their home in areas of the western Himalayas as well as parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Despite their origins as hunting dogs, they are now widely used by local shepherds. The strong physique, thick hair and mass of this breed enable it not only to withstand harsh climatic conditions, but also to repel attacks from wild creatures in the area.


The Indian pariah dog is the subcontinent’s most basic native dog breed. They live long, are less prone to disease, and require very little care. However, they do need regular walks and exercise to keep up with their lively temperament. They are devoted, protective, gregarious, and social, although they may not always get along with other dogs or pets.


Combais are famous for their perseverance and dedication as they come from the mountainous highlands of the Western Ghats. Although Combai dogs like Rajapalayam and other unusual breeds are critically endangered due to a lack of knowledge and demand for domestication, they are exceptionally smart, smart, and strong. This tan dog breed is known to be active, fierce, and sociable, which makes them an excellent safety dog.


The royal Rajapalayam breed is said to have its origin in southern India, namely Tamil Nadu, and is named after the city of Virudhunagar in the Rajapalayam region of the state. It was traditionally used to protect palaces and even fight battles. These lean and strong dogs with a thin white coat have been documented in history because they were taught to fight with troops in the Polygar and Carnatic Wars. For this reason, they are also known as Polygar dogs.


This Uttarakhand breed of dog is fierce and strong and is widely recognized as one of India’s most valuable house defenders. Originally used to guard and defend the cattle of the villages in the mountainous hills of Kumaon, this breed is also critically endangered, with only a few hundred left today. Kumaon Mastiffs resemble old Great Danes in appearance, are muscular with a short, silky coat and a strong neck.


Because of their robust immune systems and their ability to adapt to Indian conditions, raising mongrels and strays is much easier than keeping an exotic pet at home. Strays are just as smart and sensitive to their surroundings, so teaching them to take care of your home is not a difficult task. Strays are born into a competitive, dangerous, and challenging environment and still manage to live, which speaks a lot about their adaptability.

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