Animated Puppies Top Most of the Big Names

– Four new films starring big stars like Hugh Jackman and Michael Keaton opened in North American theaters this weekend, and only the one with animated pups did well. But it wasn’t enough to beat Ryan Reynolds’ action comedy Free Guy, which topped the charts for the second year in a row. PAW Patrol: The Movie, a Paramount release aimed at the very young and also streamed on Paramount +, made $ 13 million in ticket sales on Sunday, according to estimates by the studio. It was by far the best of the new openers, including three films that distort adults who failed to find significant audiences: the action picture The Protégé, starring Keaton and Maggie Q; the sci-fi thriller Reminiscence, which is also streamed on HBO Max; and the well-reviewed Rebecca Hall horror The Night House.

First place went to Free Guy, a 20th century release and Disney that only hits theaters. It dropped a tiny 34%, adding $ 18.8 million that weekend, bringing the global grand total to $ 112 million. The studio attributed the strong hold to word of mouth. The relative success of PAW Patrol surprised even those involved. Although the film is based on a popular Nickelodeon series, its target audience is children under 6 years of age. Concerns about the Delta variant and the ability to stream at home made it even more of a moving target. “The pups are very popular and have a very, very loyal audience,” said a Paramount manager. Celebrities who voiced characters in the film include Tyler Perry, Jimmy Kimmel, Yara Shahidi, and Kim Kardashian. Disney’s Jungle Cruise, which can be rented on Disney +, landed in third place.

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