Animal Welfare: Please don’t simply dump puppies, kittens at the shelter | Local

One of the biggest challenges animal welfare organizations face today is the sheer number of animals in need of help.

Every year around 6.5 million pets come to the municipal animal shelters nationwide. So far this year, High Country Humane (HCH) has taken in over 2,400 animals, most of them in the summer months.

Puppies in a box on the side of the road in the blazing sun. Kittens in a box covered in dirt and dumped outside a shop! In one day alone, 37 puppies and kittens were found. While the efforts of the Good Samaritans who brought the animals to the HCH will certainly be appreciated, dumping the animals instead of taking them straight to the shelter only creates more problems … for the animals and the people who are around they care.

The care of homeless animals is the focus of the animal shelter. Still, these situations put an emotional strain on even the most stoic of employees. If you have to hand in an animal or a litter of animals, please call the animal shelter first. HCH offers programs that include food and medical assistance for those who qualify and aims to help families avoid giving up or abandoning their pets.

• Foster families are the “well-kept secret” of animal welfare and HCH is often asked: “Why do you need foster homes? Doesn’t the shelter do that? ”The shelter staff take great care of the adult cats and dogs, but the kittens and puppies (and adult cats and dogs with special needs) require an extra level of care and attention that only a foster home can provide.

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