Adorable new police puppies named after heroes

West Midlands Police Department has welcomed 11 adorable new police pups – whose names carry an important message.

The two-week-old Springer Spaniels were named after the troupe’s motor neuron heroes, in honor of those affected by the disease, on the occasion of motor neuron disease awareness.

One of them was named Cheeky, the nickname of former Assistant Chief Constable Chris Johnson, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2018 and who retired last year.

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What are the names

The other 10 were named:

PD Doddie – named after former rugby union player Doddie Weir

PD Burrow – Ex-Leeds Rhinos player Rob Burrow MBE

PD Darby – named after Stephen Darby, former footballer of Liverpool, Notts County and Bradford City

PD Len – after ex-Burnley, Bury and Swansea City soccer player Lenny Johnrose

PD Rimmer – after the former soldier Chris Rimmer, who founded the self-help group MND Warriors

PD Moss – after Emma Moss, who runs the mummy with the MND blog

PD Primrose – after the Primrose Hospice

PD Hawkie – named after the Good Morning UK presenter Charlotte Hawkins, who brought MND’s attention

PD blue – color for MND

PD Rollo – after retired Sergeant John Rollason, who was named Rollo. He was diagnosed in 2018 and sadly passed away last month.

Chief Superintendent Lee Wharmby said, “We are incredibly proud to be able to name some of our new police dogs after MND heroes.

“It was a special moment when [Chris] Met Cheeky for the first time and we hope all of our dogs continue to be as inspiring as their namesakes. “

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