Adopt, Don’t Shop — and Other Eco-Friendly Dog Care Tips, From Jacqueline Piñol

There are many ways you can make your dog’s life greener – but perhaps the most powerful choice dog parents can make is to follow the mantra of “adopt, don’t shop.” Actress Jacqueline Piñol, best known for her roles in Bosch and various Spider-Man projects, learned this the hard way. In 2006, she bought a pug at a pet store, unaware of the homelessness crisis or the harsh reality behind the dog breeding industry. When she suddenly learned the truth two years later, she was devastated, but her feelings inspired her to take action.

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In the years since then, Piñol has become a passionate dog advocate. She is the dog mom of six doggos, five of whom she adopted (and she recently became a mother to a baby!). She is also the host of The Canine Condition, which is both a podcast and a new documentary series (or, as she calls it, a “DOGumentary” series) due out in the fall of 2021. Dog lovers will love the documentaries. This is “a trip across the US where we see the different facets of the homeless crisis in small towns and big cities”.

Each episode focuses on different nonprofit dog rescue organizations or individuals working to improve dog rescue. “My goal is to show the general public tangible decisions they can trust so that more of us can get active and make a positive difference for dogs and people,” said Piñol in an email exclusive to Green Matters. “The stories we cover will inspire, educate, and empower you to take action.”

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Source: Annie Shak

The dog’s condition is heartwarming so keep the tissues handy. “One of my favorite topics in both the podcast and documentary series is how to match homeless … dogs with veterans, children or prisoners and guide them through rehabilitation programs that both humans and dogs need,” continues Piñol. “To see how the connection between dog and human forms and witness the transformations will move you incredibly.”

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Since Piñol is an expert on dogs, we asked her to share her Green Dog Parenting Routine so we could learn more about the importance of adoption, her best tips on how to be eco-friendly, and her work with dogs on movie sets.

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GREEN MATTERS: Why is it important not to shop?

JACQUELINE PIÑOL: Adoption means that we are saving the life of a dog that might otherwise never live because we have too many homeless dogs and not enough families are adopting them. They are euthanized every day across the country. By “shopping for” a dog, we are contributing to this homeless overpopulation as there are not enough families to care for every puppy that is born, so it ends up in animal shelters, dumped, or neglected.

GM: What might surprise people when they learn about the dog breeding industry?

JP: The breeding industry has very lenient laws. If people actually knew how little oversight and regulation exists for breeders across the country, it would be more disgusting than hearing the truth once and for all and taking action to change the way people use dogs for profit .

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GM: How did you feel when you found out about the homelessness crisis and knew you bought a dog from a pet store?

JP: I was very worried and sad. I bought a pug from a pet store in 2006 and found out in 2008 that a lot of pugs needed to be rescued! I had to do something. In 2009 I took care of a pug who was taken into a wonderful home thanks to a rescue organization. That’s when I discovered how worthwhile it is to care for a dog. You don’t know what you don’t know, but once you do, you do better. As cheesy as it sounds, be the change you want to see.

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GM: What are your favorite eco-friendly dog ​​grooming tips?

JP: Use compostable dog waste bags! Get linen made from hemp or recycled polyester. They are still very sturdy. Save money and water by having a dry shampoo or waterless shampoo on hand. With six puppies, I’ll break the bank if I groom them often, so I keep them clean longer by brushing them often and using a waterless shampoo. And make sure the companies you buy these products from are not tested on animals. It’s important and part of my podcast message.

Editor’s note: Piñol says you can learn more about it in this episode of The Canine Condition podcast.

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GM: What’s your # 1 pros and cons of caring for six dogs?

JP: # 1 Pro: I get so much love every day. All six fur babies can’t wait to see me every day, no matter how often I walk through the door. That fills my heart.

Disadvantage # 1: I pick up feces every day of my life, a lot of it, several times a day. It also means that I can smell dog poop up close every day. Funny times.

GM: As an actress, have you ever worked on a project with animal actors on set? How are dogs and other animals treated on set?

JP: Yes indeed! I played a vet, Dr. Tawni Martinez, in this very cute family movie called Monster Mutt. I got to work with a border collie and she was a doll. She was very obedient. I have seen that the handlers are strict and precise and in my experience this bitch really trusted her handler. We quickly went through the scenes with the dog so she could take breaks. Believe me, if I see anything wrong with a dog’s safety or treatment, I would be the first to get in touch!

Green routine“is a series by Green Matters that invites well-known people in the environmental sector to share their efforts to lead a more sustainable life.

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